Bookmaker bonuses when registering the main type

Percentage of deposit (money upon registration): Occurs after the amount of bets made according to certain requirements. (Sometimes it happens immediately after the deposit). The percentage and maximum amount are different. Parimatch gives 100% up to 3000 THB.

On First Bet: A cash bonus is awarded if an individual makes their first bet, for example it can be a quick bet or bet on a certain sport (league).

Bet Refunds: To arouse interest in certain tournaments. The bookmaker, under certain conditions, allows you to make a risk-free bet (free bet), in case of loss it will be returned. (according to the rules approved by the bookmaker)

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Betting Bonus: Customers are rewarded with the right to place free bets and win prizes. (The bet remains with the bookmaker). As a rule, this is all kinds of promotional methods.

Bonus Points: Credits on each bet. It will be converted into money after accumulating or used to make purchases in the office online store. Please note that some of them write bonus points automatically, others require official registration. (Show your consent) to join the loyalty program.

No deposit bonus: in bookmaker Parimatch almost does not happen. Exceptions are rarely provided by insignificant offices where (Nothing else) Just do a lot of newbie registration. To withdraw money freely without making a deposit is just a demonstration of the bookmaker’s work.

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Cash bonuses or free bets are the easiest solution to attract new players  to register

Office for regular players

Parimatch regardless of deposit bonus Spend big money with loyal players through various promotions. Parimatch with various promotions Weekly Sweepstakes 100% up to 3000 THB and other entertainment activities

Hunt bonus

This is the name of the player’s action with the sole purpose of receiving a bonus on the first deposit upon registration and withdrawal. These clients are called bonus hunters (Hunters). Not the only office likes such people, they try to calculate in different ways and punish them.

You should not regard bookmaker bonuses as an opportunity to earn money – this is not earned. In addition, we do not recommend that you scam the office by opening multiple accounts for multiple gifts in one place – this is a road to nowhere. at all and nothing good will happen.

Why is there a bookmaker bonus?

Bookmakers compete and to attract new customers to register. Offer various bonuses in the form of money and other forms Most serious bookmakers are public companies such as joint stock companies – their management is interested in increasing the value of the stock and an indicator of the number of players attracted, sometimes greater than current earnings, can affect growth. of quotation

Can I change the account currency after receiving the bonus?

in principle The account currency cannot be changed.

When betting, what money will be deducted first?

First, the money will be deducted from the main account.