Get to know betting exchanges Parimatch

If you start talking about sports betting Most people immediately imagine an office of an online bookmaker or gambling shop. Everyone knows who the bookmakers are and how they work. But there is another way – Pari match exchange bet where you not only place but also accept bets!

What is the difference between betting exchanges and bookmaker offices?

Betting exchanges have three main differences from bookmakers:

  • The odds are determined by the law of supply and demand between players. Clients trade with each other And the exchange is just a platform for doing that.
  • A bet on a betting exchange is between the player who places the bet and the player who accepts it.
  • There is no margin, for example, if the odds are the same. You may see odds 2.0-2.0, exchanges are paid on commissions. Limits set by players The exchange does not have any restrictions on bet size for gamblers. You can bet even $10 million, but it’s important to have a player or group of players on the other side that can “match” this bet.

How to place bets in the bookmaker office Parimatch?

The first thing you need to do is register. There is no peculiarity of account creation. After that, it is necessary to create an internal account and top it up, for example through the WebMoney system.

A deposit ( including identity verification ) is required for both sellers and buyers. The former must return the winnings if their customers prove more fortunate in their bets. In case of dispute Funds will be temporarily blocked on the accounts of both participants.

It is possible to sell and buy predictions on specific sites in pre-match and live. In pre-match, you can set and choose betting conditions without haste.In forecasting, the buyer should select a game. In most cases, the list of matches is located on the left side of the page, lines (as in BK) by championship, league, country and major, eg. uncomplicated

In each result cell contains the highest price and bet amount. (value set by the seller) if you are sure that the result will happen. It is necessary to click FOR, assuming it will not – click AGAIN, the website system will place bets. If your results are out of the box (and probably not in-line competition) waiting to appear as a buyer. or offer your dispute terms as a seller.

Types of bets available on the exchange Parimatch

There are only two options for betting on any exchange – for results and on events. You can act as a buyer by choosing a FOR bet, looking for interesting events and agreeing with the seller’s predictions. If you can’t find the right odds Pay attention to options – bet with pending orders. Bets will remain in “Incomplete” status until (if) the quote does not reach your stated value. Example of reverse bet action: A match between clubs A and B will take place. P1 is offered to bet, that is, the seller’s bet on Team A will win (to make a reverse bet). Everything is the same as in BK. “normal”

You should know:

  • The seller offers the maximum bet amount, quotes and symbols. which is opposite to the event
  • If you agree with the conditions of the prediction Make the same bets as in “Bookmaker shop”
  • Calculation of cards is based on standard conditions. Those buyers whose results win will receive prize money. If you choose, let’s say FOR. In a draw, no athlete (team) has to beat the opponent.
  • You can become a seller and place bids on WA bets on specific matches. will issue bets If found to be interested in betting on your terms – Buyer


Newbies often don’t understand what betting on events means. Consider this example: Team A is going to face Club B. You believe that A will lose. You must buy Lay bet P1 – the first club will not win, i.e. B will win, otherwise the meeting will be a draw.

Advantages of betting exchanges

Betting exchanges are not as popular as gambling shops. But it also has its own clientele. For example, exchange Parimatch bets on top events collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in bets from players. First of all, the sports exchange is attracted by the fact that it offers complete freedom of choice. Players can not only bet. but also accepted by others That is, act as a bookmaker.

Often, betting exchanges can find bets with higher odds in the bookmaker. On the other hand, it is possible to accept bets from other players with lower odds than the bookmaker. another Due to the marketing style of such websites and the lack of margin. The main thing that attracts professional players to trade bets is the opportunity to earn money before the tournament ends. How do you make money? by changing the odds

The strategy is simple. But if you want to use it and win you must have experience Bets are initially placed for any outcome. But as soon as the results are more promising. Bets are made on other players. (against other players) with the odds of keeping the player in black regardless of the outcome. to make it happen It is imperative to catch good odds in both cases and make timely bets. technically This is possible in the bookmaker’s office. But it will be harder to wait for the necessary bets. Considering that every bookmaker’s odds have a margin.


Usually the commission for new accounts is 5%. Almost all betting exchanges reduce the commission for high activity. The maximum discount is 60% of the initial 5%. This means that players can earn a 2% commission. Sometimes betting exchanges make exceptions and lower commissions even more in specific market segments or event segments.

Every player should try his hand at betting exchanges. This is a great opportunity to experience the role of a bookmaker. Therefore, it is better to begin to understand the movement of the odds and the principles of formation. in exchange You can earn and bet larger amounts in the bookmaker’s office. As well as catching moderately good odds.